Jamestown Walking Tour: Site of 1607 Jamestown Fort

Where do we meet?

We will meet near the main entrance to the Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center.  The address is 1368 Colonial Parkway, Jamestown, VA 23081.  It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your tour.

Is an admission ticket required?

Yes, you will need to purchase an admission ticket upon arrival to the Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center, in addition to the cost of the Private Walking Tour ticket.  Cost of admission for 2018 is $14.00.  Children under 16 are free.

What will we see on the tour?

We will see ongoing Jamestown archaeology, the site of the original 1607 Jamestown Fort, New Towne (with ruins and foundations), and church foundations that housed the 1st representative government in English North America in 1619.