Customer from Colorado

"Thank you for the wonderful Historic Williamsburg tour last week. Your knowledge of the history of the people, buildings and events at Williamsburg was extensive.  

We appreciated your custom tailoring of our tour to our interests and eliminating places we've seen before.  But especially thank you for working in the Thomas Jefferson oratory and the music concert,

events we would have missed.

We followed your advice on the restaurants in Williamsburg and Yorktown.  Excellent advice.  We will recommend your tour to others."

Steven & Veronica Hoese 2017

Customer from Nevada

"I wanted to second Steve's thoughts about our wonderful time...Being able to have your knowledge and expertise is wonderful like it was in 2016 and then mixing in TJ and the concert, well, that was just great.  Like Steve said we did try out the Carrot Tree in Yorktown which was very good!...Hoping we will get back in 2018 and I too, will recommend your tour to others, if the opportunity arises." 

Paul Bruno  2017

Customer from Missouri

As a navigator and guide, Gina Conroy was a high energy giant font of knowledge who took me from site to site at breathtaking speed.  But before we started, she did a very important thing.  She asked me about my primary areas of interest.  That, to me, is great customer service.  So, in effect, she identified my main areas of interest  and that's where we spent the lion's share of the tour.  My tour concentrated, at the front end, on the topics of governance, military, trades, etc.  I personally enjoyed taking a look at the public magazine and period weapons, swords, etc. that were on display.  Along the way, you might pick up a speech by a costumed interpreter at the capitol building, or watch tradesmen and tradeswomen ply their trades.  Personally, as a former pharmacy major, I enjoyed the visit to the apothecary.  I asked the apothecary what she had in stock for fevers and whether she used leeches for remediation of ailments.  Ms. Conroy was an excellent clock manager and we covered my site preferences with time to spare.  This is most important. We had enough time at the end of the tour to see the fifes and drums march.  She thoroughly answered each and every question for the ground that we covered, and lead me to hear the expertise of others, such as Thomas Jefferson, actor interpret, the gem of the tour.  He captivated the crowd in the Palace Garden.  

Bill Mertens 2018


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